About Us

MC Magic wasn’t always in my list of favorites as i was growing up, that was only because i hadn’t discovered his wonderful music yet. One day my sister came home with an NB Ridaz cd and that’s when it all started. . I quickly fell in LOVE with their style, voices, melody, EVERYTHING. Thrilled by this style of music we went to our  first Magic Concert on April 2006 in Bakersfield, CA. MC Magic. As soon as the concert ended, his merch table was chaos! I was only able to quickly get a Magic City shirt signed and snap a couple pictures of Magic. Magic was so friendly and humble as he was interacting with fans.

Soon after Yuri and I attended several of his concerts yet never had the opportunity to meet him again until the Art Laboe Concert. After speaking to him several times through MySpace, he told me he would make it possible for us to meet at the concert. The night of the concert he gave me his backstage bracelet and brought me on stage with him, it was an incredible night. I couldn’t believe how an artist could be so attentive and humble towards his fans especially because many artists nowadays act like divas and seem to forget about their faithful fans. Yuri and I were so impressed by his amazing personality we decided to take measures into our own hands and let people know about him and his awesome music.

Determined to get MC Magic to the top we started requesting his songs on the radio daily and simply just spreading the word about his music to the world. We realized that we couldn’t do it alone because radio stations would soon get annoyed by us :lol: . So we decided to create a MySpace fan site. We had originally started a fan site called MC Magic’s Sexy Ladies which was created on March 5th 2008. We made sure to get permission from MC Magic before we went any further with the fan site. The Fan site was directed toward his female fan base yet many guys also started to add us on MySpace. So we dropped that name and went simply by MC Magic’s Fan site.

Even though our MySpace page was doing good, we decided we didn’t want to be limited to just MySpace so on June 12th  2008 we created our website www.MCMAGICFANS.com. We wanted to support and promote MC Magic’s Most recent Album Magic City Part 2 in a major way. Little by little we began to offer MC Magic graphics, layouts and even MCP2 lyrics for fans. www.MCMAGICFANS.com is now officially recognized as the official MC Magic Fan Club also known as Team Magic.  Who knows how many more hit records MC Magic will have or how far the Magic Movement will reach, one thing is certain www.MCMAGICFANS.com – TEAM MAGIC will be here to document the entire ride. :!: